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The AET Kids Fit and Fun Bus is an established mobile Fitness FUN on Wheels program for children ages 18 months – 7 years that can help your school and children in the community in the fight against childhood obesity. The bus is a heated and air conditioned, full-sized and padded school bus with safety age-appropriate exercise equipment. Instructors are on board at all times. It never moves with the children on it. We are fully insured and are more than happy to provide this to you upon request. In addition, the inside of the bus is disinfected, vacuumed, washed and cleaned at the end of each day and/or after each school visit.


          We come to your school or event, rain or shine. The FIT and FUN BUS provides 30-minutes to 1 hour  of  structured classes in a non-competitive environment. These classes can take place weekly, once or twice per month, or for special school events at a mutually convenient day and time. Fitness routines are changed regularly to focus on upper body strength, lower body strength, balance, coordination, and gross-motor skills. The routines engage the children in climbing, tumbling, hanging, swinging, flipping, skipping, sliding, stretching and, most of all, having FUN.


        The equipment on the FIT and FUN BUS includes a balance beam, a basketball hoop, trampolines, punching bag, rock wall, monkey bars, a ball pen and rings, just to name a few. We do barrel rolls, parachute ball and other FUN age-appropriate games and stretches. All of the FUN exercises are done to age-appropriate music. At the end of the class, the children exit the bus through the rear door via a yellow slide (weather permitting).


          The AET Fit and Fun Bus has the best physical education curriculum for preschool fitness with our preschool exercise program. The Fit and Fun Bus is the best children’s fitness program to provide fitness for preschoolers with our preschool p.e. class. This helps prevent childhood obesity with kid’s fitness classes by making kids fitness fun. When it comes to kids exercise, our bus has children’s exercise programs that include creative movement for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary school age kids that help combat childhood obesity, improve strength, cardiovascular health, balance, flexibility and hand eye coordination. As a bonus, kids learn socialization and many more skills while on the Fit & Fun Bus.



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