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This children's book describes many aspects of healthy lifestyle living that are given through examples of everyday activities. This lively picture book explores the importance of exercise and healthy living. It encourages kids to make positive decisions about nutrition, exercise and sports participation. Books are focused to appeal to kids of preschool through early school age. Written and illustrated by Crystal Williams, Little Crystal’s Active Life promotes positive interactions between parent, children and friends.

My name is Crystal Williams. I am the owner of AET Kids Fit & Fun Bus, LLC, and Above Excellence Training, LLC based in the South Florida region. Since childhood my parents kept me within the community volunteering, participating in sports, exploring outdoors, and surrounding myself around numerous people. Through adulthood, these important values are near and dear to my heart. My passion for fitness, health and community pumps strong through me. I absolutely love children. After I graduated from college at University of North Florida with my degree in Exercise Science and Public Health I set out for  a career in the Health and Fitness industry. My goal was to help as many people as I possibly could all around the world through Health, Fitness and Sports Participation. To prevent childhood obesity in many large and small communities near and far. Through hard work, support and dedication I have reached another step in my career. This is my first of many book.

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